A day experiencing the thrills of nature may just change your perspective on the world.

Marinette County abounds in natural beauty and scenic wonder. The county owns 231,000 acres of beautiful county forest where the tours take place, including 12 fabulous waterfalls. On tour at any bend in the trail, you may encounter an abundance of wild life, including deer, coyotes, wolves, and too many songbirds to mention. Our streams are bountiful with trout, and wild blueberries and raspberries grow happily in the mottled sunlight. Whitewater rafting and kayaking are natural outgrowths of our boundless waters.


Marinette County is known as the Waterfall Capital of Wisconsin. Each of our tours have an interesting mix of these waterfalls, depending upon how challenged you would like to be!

  • Eighteen Foot Falls
  • Twelve Foot Falls
  • Eight Foot Falls
  • Four Foot Falls
  • Strong Falls
  • McClintock Rapids
  • Dave's Falls
  • Veteran's Falls
  • Longside Falls
  • Bulls Falls
  • Smalley's Falls